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“We commissioned Toby to work on a short promo video. He conceived a narrative based on interviews he had with us, then created a strong story thread charting the inception and development of our partnership. Our initial idea grew with Toby’s creative input and we very quickly ended up with something far more ambitious and impressive with a longer reach and bigger audience than we had ever anticipated.”

Bob and Barn, BAFTA-nominated composers for film, tv and games

Why is everyone always talking about ‘the narrative’?

Narratives – stories – give you the edge. The plain fact is, even those with an inferior product or message have the advantage over you if they’re arming themselves with persuasive stories. Good stories are like magnets for hearts and minds. Human beings are hard-wired to want them; they’re literally an irresistible force. So, if you don’t use them, and your competitors do, you’re not only going up against someone who is better armed – you’re allowing them to dictate the terms.

Time to fight back.

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Video documentary made for BAFTA nominated composers Bob & Barn, written by Toby Venables, directed by Toby and filmmaker Richard Jackson: