Industry services

“We commissioned Toby to write a feature film based around an initial idea we’d had. Toby ran with it and the first draft hit its marks so well that it required only minimal revisions. We have since commissioned him to write two TV pilots and develop the series bibles, as well as a script for the world’s first VP (virtual production) short film, and the results have been equally impressive. He cuts straight to the heart of the story and understands completely the needs of the medium.”

Jason Kingsley OBE, CEO of Rebellion

Professional screenwriting isn’t just about what screenwriters want to write, it’s also about what producers need – whether that’s a completed script that fits their slate or simply someone who can make an existing script work.

Toby’s background in journalism means that working to a brief is neither daunting nor unexpected – in fact, it’s welcome. Development of existing ideas to production status, addition to a series or franchise, adaptation for the screen from other media – all these are brought to the table with real-world, industry experience behind them. Hardcore story expertise can also be brought bear on those problem scripts – before they become problem shoots.

Pictured: shooting the short film PERCIVAL at Rebellion’s virtual production facilities – with CEO Jason Kingsley himself donning the armour. Toby and co-writer Felicity Evans joined the team to provide a script – one week from the deadline! Photo courtesy Rebellion Productions.

Script reports

A full, professional written report on a script assessing every key aspect – including characterisation, structure, dialogue, theme and genre fit – as well as suggested actions to take to strengthen the work.

Script editing

Active intervention to tighten, cut, fine-tune or polish a screenplay to help get it match fit for production. This can build on, or be used in conjunction with, the script report and/or doctoring services.

Script doctoring

This is the go-to service when a script just isn’t working and needs urgent attention to make it production-ready. Cheaper and easier than fixing on set or in post…

“We published Toby’s first novel, THE VIKING DEAD. This dropped full-on zombie action into a painstakingly recreated Viking setting, and when we were looking for someone to write a series of historical adventure novels turning the Robin Hood legends on their head, Toby seemed the perfect choice. He did not disappoint, developing a richly textured world packed with compelling characters, and creating a brilliantly structured story arc that brought the narrative threads together in ways few of us could have anticipated.”

Jason Kingsley OBE, CEO, Rebellion